MyBookie Company Details

Country: Costa Rica
Telephone: 844-866-2387
Online since: 2012
Software: Digital Gaming Solutions (DGS)
Jurisdictions & License: Curacao
1st Deposit Bonus: 50% up to $1000

MyBookie Company Bio

Launched in 2014, Mybookie has grown to become an industry leader in online sports betting and is a recognized and respected online sportsbook. Members can enjoy a slick and sophisticated interface while still experiencing all of the thrills associated with online betting. Mybookie offers the latest odds on every major sporting event in a variety of betting types. The website is mobile-friendly, so all you have to do is log in to your existing account via your mobile device and start betting. In addition, the casino offerings are also mobile-friendly, providing you with fun and wins anytime, anywhere, directly from the palm of your hands.

Mybookie’s betting platform provides players from the US with a nice array of deposit and withdrawal options, including the likes of Visa and MasterCard, ACH transfers, telephone transfers and bank wire transfers, as well as Bitcoin, a digital currency that is one of the fastest and easiest ways to fund offshore wagering accounts. Should you have any issues, there is a dedicated customer support team available 24/7 to assist you via telephone or email.

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MyBookie Betting Details

Deposit options: Bitcoin, ECheck, Person-to-Person, Visa/Mastercard
Withdrawal options: Bitcoin, ECheck, Person-to-Person, Visa/Mastercard

Mybookie sportsbetting design and layout

The Mybookie website is visually impressive and the design team definitely deserve all the credit when it comes to aesthetics and functionality. The site exudes a mixture of modern flair with some traditional elements for a well-rounded online gambling experience. And the fact that the site is visually strong does not affect its speed in any way and is as good as the best in the business. When it comes to the betting interface, players will come across a modern and slick look that is toned down from the rest of the site, providing quick, easy and intuitive access to lines and odds.

The layout of the wagering screen is standard in the betting industry, with the sports and bet type menu on the left side of the page and the lines in the centre. The downside of the site is that is clearly only accepts US markets, and you won’t find many moneyline and betting odds for other markets, although some are covered. In addition, the banking interface could use a little work as well, as it is currently very clunky and not as updated as the rest of the site. The overall design of the site meets all the needs of both novice and experienced players.

Mybookie sportsbetting events and odds

Mybookie is a US based operator, therefore all the latest wagering opportunities for North American sports are available for your enjoyment. These include:

  • NCAA Football
  • NFL
  • MLB
  • BoxingIce
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Motor Sports
  • NBA
  • Horse Racing
  • NHL
  • College Basketball
  • Canadian Football
  • Mexican Baseball
  • WNBA
  • Arena Football
  • Wrestling
  • International Basketball
  • E-Sports
  • College Baseball

In addition to sportsbetting, Mybookie has a casino platform with a host of casino game titles to keep you entertained for hours. These include blackjack, slots, roulette, poker and even betting on novelty betting such as entertainment and politics. There are so much betting opportunities at Mybookie, you will be spoilt for choice the minute you arrive at the site.

Types of Bets Available at Mybookie

Mybookie offers a wide range of betting types to suit every type of player. These include:

  • Straight bets
  • Totals
  • Teasers
  • Parlays
  • If bets
  • Open wagers
  • Reverses
  • Live betting
  • Buy points
  • Props
  • Futures
  • Action points
  • Round robin
  • Moneyline bets
  • Exactas
  • Trifectas
  • Daily doubles
  • Superfectas

While Mybookie isn’t going to be the first sportsbook to release odds on a game, it isn’t going to be the last either, so unless you are a bettor that needs to place your wager as soon as possible, this site will be great for you. In terms of limits, Mybookie has a $10 minimum wager online with a $1 000 maximum bet. The minimum bet via telephone is $25.

Mybookie sportsbetting and streaming in real time

Mybookie is on the forefront when it comes to offering live betting. This US sportsbook offers live odds for all major nationally televised sporting events, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and national and international soccer, to name a few. The live betting interface is designed to be user-friendly and modern, which is ideal since there are so much options to choose from. Live betting is rare at US-based sportsbooks, so it’s nice to see this option at Mybookie.

The sportsbook offers in-play markets on a variety of matches, which means you can bet on them while they are in progress. A concern is that the live betting interface has the propensity to freeze, which is not ideal for those looking for the latest live updates. The sportsbook should seriously consider improving this section, especially since this sportsbook is aimed at beginners as well as experienced bettors. In-play betting is a popular option for many gamblers, and having a betting platform that accepts US gamblers is indeed impressive, although if Mybookie is going to off this service, it should be improved upon.

Mybookie sportsbetting bonuses and promotions

There is a variety of bonuses offered at Mybookie for those looking to earn some extra rewards. Eligible players will get a 100% match up to $1 000 or a 20% welcome bonus up to $500. In addition to new players, loyal players are also rewarded with a 25% reload bonus worth $500 as well as 7% cash back on a continuing basis. There is also a refer-a-friend bonus that awards a 100% up to $100. There are also a load of casino bonuses that players can take advantage of, including bonuses on specific sports.

How do you register at the Mybookie online sportsbetting site?

Registration has never been easier and a new player will become an official member of the site by simply following a few simple registration steps. Mybookie offers a streamlined and simple registration process that will appeal to even the most novice bettor. Sign up is quick and free and you should encounter minimal problems along the way. Mybookie is essentially a bookie at heart, offering odds and lines on a wealth of US sports and everything in between.

Is Mybookie sportsbetting safe and reliable?

In this day and age, punters have become wise to handling their business online. That being said, it is nearly impossible to come across a legitimate online betting platform that is not 100% safe and secure. This is not to say that they don’t exist, but since punters are not as naïve as they used to be, many sites are opting to go the safe way in order to offer players a sense of security. Mybookie just so happens to be one of the safest and most secure bookies around, and players can rest assured that your money is in safe hands at all times. The developers of the site has gone above and beyond to offer a top class gambling service, from the sportsbetting section to the casino and the racebook, each section is fully secure and reliable.

Mybookie online sportsbetting deposits and withdrawals

As mentioned before, it is often difficult to find a sportsbook that accepts US players, so finding one that not only accepts players from this region but also offers an excellent experience is indeed impressive. Banking is usually a tricky subject when it comes to US players, but this cannot be farther from the truth at Mybookie, where players can enjoy the convenience of a variety of safe, reliable and efficient banking options. Simply make a deposit using the below methods:

  • ACH
  • Credit card or debit card
  • Bank wire transfers
  • Bitcoin
  • Person2Person
  • Phone transfer

Withdrawals can be made in the following ways:

  • Bank wire transfer
  • Bitcoin
  • ACH
  • Moneygram

What makes Mybookie so special is that it is one of the few online sportsbooks to accept Bitcoin for both deposits and withdrawals. Many online betting sites are catching on to the Bitcoin trend, but Mybookie seems to be one step ahead of the rest. The minimum withdrawal amount is $50 for the Bitcoin option, and $100 for the other methods. There is a maximum withdrawal of $400 for Moneygram, $1 000 weekly for Bitcoin or ACH, and $2 000 for wire transfers. On the downside, there fees involved in these methods can be considered hefty. For example, to withdraw between $1000 and $2000 via wire transfer, there is a $50 associated in bank charges.

Mybookie sportsbetting customer service and support

Customer service is another area that any online company should not slack, and online betting is no different. Mybookie has therefore decided to take customer service seriously. The website offers a dedicated support team on call to assist you with any issues you might have. A support agent is available via live chat, email or telephonically, giving punters the convenience of offering various methods of contact. You can expect quick responses to email queries, while live chat and telephone queries are resolved immediately.

Mybookie sportsbetting on mobile

Mobile betting is quickly becoming the most popular choice for modern players. This is thanks to the availability of Wi-Fi and the popularity of smartphones. In keeping with the latest trends, Mybookie offers a fully optimised and integrated mobile site that offers the same level of excellence as its desktop counterpart. Punters can enjoy all the gambling options anywhere, anytime, directly from the palm of your hands. Mybookie does not have an app, but players can access the mobile site directly from your web browser without the need to download any software. Overall, the betting feature is on par with what you will find throughout the rest of the site.

Conclusion on Mybookie sportsbetting

Mybookie may be fairly new to the betting industry but it has already gained tremendous respect. This is thanks to a combination of top class facilities and services, a functional and fast interface, and the ability to accept US players, amongst others. While many long-running bookmakers have kept a somewhat traditional approach to sportsbetting and so only really attracting seasoned bettors, Mybookie takes things to the next level by opening up the betting market to a new generation of players. Mybookie aims to make sportsbetting available to the masses by creating a modern and fresh website that will appeal to all. Although it does use classic elements that experienced players will appreciate, the core focus of the website is to be as user-friendly and stylish as possible. The website does not want that ‘business as usual’ feel but instead wants to exude an environment as exciting as the sports themselves. The sportsbook is visually rich, while the casino is a great pit stop for those looking for a change of pace. The racebook is more traditional but still offers the most modern experience you can image.

According to the site’s About Us page, the team is committed to ‘redefine the gaming industry’, which is a big task to undertake, but Mybookie seems to be up for the challenge. Another aim is to create a ‘re-imagining of what the perfect gaming website would need to offer’. We’re not sure if the sportsbook is quite there yet, but we are keen to see how this vision plays out in the future. We would like to see the banking interface spruced up, especially since the rest of the site is as modern as can be.

But in the grand scheme of things, that is just one small critique for a website that seems to have almost everything going for it. The casino section is a nice addition and offers players the chance to play some of your favorite titles, while the live casino offers a more immersive experience without leaving the comfort of your home.

Finally, the racebook is another great addition to the site and offers a thrilling horserace betting experience to all punters. One of the strongest features of Mybookie is the fact that it accepts US players, so expect to see a lot of US-focused sports like American football, basketball, baseball and hockey, although other international sports are also covered. Overall, Mybookie offers a comprehensive gambling experience to both new and experienced players alike, and we’re very excited to see what the sportsbook has in store for its bettors in the near future.

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MyBookie Review

Whenever a brand new US-based betting platform launches, it is always a nice addition to the online gambling market. This is especially true when the gambling platform in question is one that provides a host of exceptional betting options in one convenient location. Mybookie is one such betting platform. Not only does Mybookie offer the latest sportsbetting odds to US players, but is hosts an online casino and live casino for those looking for a different gambling experience without having to log in to a different website. Mybookie is a privately owned gaming site offering a full menu of betting options. It is licensed in Curacao and Costa Rica.

The sportsbook is the main feature of this site, although the casino is impressive as well as features a host of exceptional gaming options including online slots, video poker, table games and a live casino for those looking for the human touch without having to leave the comfort of your home. The racebook is also worth checking out, and while it is not as flashy as the rest of the offerings, it is functional and easy-to-use and offers a wide variety of tracks in Europe, North America and Australia.

Mybookie offers all the right features to impress the most discerning punter, starting with the design and layout of the website. The website has been designed to look as good as it operates. The designers have concentrated on both aesthetics and functionality so don’t expect a website with just good looks and no substance to back it up. The site loads quickly, while it works in an interactive and thorough way, allowing for fast and accurate betting whenever the mood strikes. The sportsbetting options are typical to a US-based site, so you will therefore find that North American sports take top priority, although there are also international sports from which to choose.

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